Q: Who do families contact to begin services?

A: You can have your Service Coordinator reach out to goldstarlearningoptions@gmail.com or you can email Rachael Porter at Rachael.Porter@gsloinc.com.

Q:  Who do families contact for a change in their schedule?

A: Contact Monica Hoffman at requests4glo@gsloinc.com or call 720-717-1533 (cell) or 303-327-9738 (GLO office).

Q: How are changes in schedules communicated to families?

A: When changes occur in regularly scheduled sessions families will receive an email with the changes and when those changes will begin. If it is a last-minute change due to a cancellation, families will be notified via phone call or text message.

Q: How often can I change my schedule?

A: In order to maintain consistency for families and staff we change schedules 2 times per year, Fall and Summer. However, we understand that things come up which require a change in schedules outside of those 2 times per year. In that case, schedule change requests can be emailed to Monica Hoffman at requests4glo@gsloinc.com with the changes you are requesting. We cannot guarantee that the request will be able to be fulfilled though we will do our best to accommodate the request.

Q: Are there specific times of the year that schedules change?

A: Schedule changes occur twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the summer. Request forms will be sent out to families via email towards the end of June to prepare for the Fall schedule, and March/April for the Summer schedule.

Q: How are random respite requests processed?

A: When families are in need of random respite, outside of their regularly scheduled sessions, they need to first send in a request to Monica at requests4glo@gsloinc.com. Once the request has been received, they are processed on a first come, first serve basis and based on staff availability. This request is not a guarantee of coverage, though we do our best to find the coverage requested.

Q: Who do I contact to address questions or concerns with my child’s schedule?

A: If you have concerns or questions please contact Monica Hoffman at requests4glo@gsloinc.com or at 303-327-9738 and she will be able to assist. If she doesn’t have the immediate answer or solution, she will obtain that information and get back to you.

Q: Who do I contact to address questions or concerns with my child’s staff?

A: The first point of contact will be with your assigned Behavior Consult. If you do not have their contact information, please call 303-327-9738 or email goldstarlearningoptions@gmail.com. If you are not able to reach them or do not feel comfortable contacting them, please contact Monica Hoffman at requests4glo@gsloinc.com or at 303-327-9738 and she will be able to assist.

Q: What do I do if I need to cancel a session?

A: We understand that situations may arise in which you may need to cancel sessions (i.e. Emergencies, illness, etc.). In the event you need to cancel, we ask you to contact us as soon as possible, and a minimum of 2 hours’ notice prior to the session whenever possible. This communication can be via phone or text to Monica Hoffman at 720-717-1533 to expediate the information as quickly as possible to the staff impacted. This allows GLO time to contact the staff so they do not drive to the session, and we can attempt to replace their lost hours. Please remember per the Cancellation Agreement you sign each year; you need to stay under the 33% of canceled sessions within a 3-month period.

Q: Does GLO provide services on holidays?

A: GLO does not provide services on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.