Q: What ages can attend GSAP?

A: This program is designed for ages 6-17, and children must be 6 years old by June 1 of that year. Children turning 18 after June 1 are still eligible for GSAP for that year, though those turning 18 prior to June 1 will be offered the option to attend LWP (Living With Purpose).

Q: What activities will children engage in during the summer program?

A: Throughout the summer we take our adventurers to fun and exciting places, including playgrounds, water parks, museums, the zoo, and so much more! Our activities are designed to expose our adventurers to community activities that create positive interactions with peers, encourage confidence, self-expression, and acceptance of each other.

Q: How do I sign my child up for GSAP?

A: Priority registration opens mid-January for families currently receiving ongoing services with GoldStar Learning Options. Registration opens to the public in February. You can also email requests4glo@gsloinc.com to be added to the interest list. Be sure to watch the GLO website for release dates and deadlines as spots fill very quickly!

Q: How do I know if my child has been accepted into GSAP?

A: Once ALL paperwork has been received and we have confirmation from your funding source, you will receive an email confirmation with information regarding next steps.

Q: How do I know if my child should be in 1:1 or 3:1 staffing ratio?

A: For ongoing GLO families, your Behavior Consult will discuss this with you and assist in making the decision that best supports the safety of your child. For non GLO families, a supervisor or behavior consult will come to your home to conduct a ‘Meet and Greet’ with you and your child to determine what the appropriate fit will be. We want to ensure that all children are in the best staffing ratio to support them integrating into their community and supporting the abilities and skills necessary to access typical activities and functions of community life as well as interact and build relationships with individuals with and without disabilities.

Q: What does it mean if I am on the waitlist?

A: This means the program you requested is already at full capacity and not accepting any more children. However, it is possible that spots will open due to unforeseen circumstances of families needing to withdrawal their registration or needing to change the days they are attending.

Q: How do you decide which staff will work with my child?

A: Each child has very different needs and we strive to pair them with a staff that will support them in exploring their community and understand their specific level of support. We look at the needs of the child, skill set of the staff, and personalities to assist in determining pairings.

Q: What does the registration fee cover?

A: The registration fee covers the back and forth communication book, GLO T-shirts, sling bag, and sunscreen.

Q: What type of funding is accepted for payment?

A: We accept a variety of funding sources including: CES Waiver, EPSDT, Medicaid, and Private Pay options.

Q: Who do I contact with questions about funding for GSAP?

A: For all questions regarding funding, please contact Rachael Porter at Rachael.Porter@gsloinc.com or call 303-327-9738 and ask to be connected with Rachael.

Q: Who do I contact with general questions or concerns about GSAP?

A: Please contact Monica Hoffman at requests4glo@gsloinc.com or call 303-327-9738 and ask to be connected with Monica.