Q: How are GLO staff hired and approved to transport?

A:  Each staff who is hired completes a nationwide background check, motor vehicle record and submits individual car insurance. Once all items are received, staff must undergo a vehicle inspection and through our transportation and safety training prior to transporting clients. If there are 10 or more points on a driver’s license or a trend in MVR infractions, the staff will not be permitted to transport clients.

Q: How does insurance policies work with staff and their vehicles?

A: Colorado’s mandatory Auto Coverage Follows the Car, Not the Driver. Vehicle owners in Colorado are required to carry liability insurance.  Liability insurance covers bodily injury to another person or property damage to another’s vehicle or property when the insured is at fault for an accident and follows the minimum coverage requirements. GoldStar carries additional liability insurance for any costs above and beyond the insured’s policy so there is never a cost to the family or employee.

Q: Why can’t GLO staff drive my personal vehicle?

A: For our liability coverage, we must follow guidelines of insurance and training protocols for drivers and approve vehicles used to transport clients. GLO staff cannot transport in a vehicle we do not have insurance on file as well as conduct a vehicle inspection to sign off on the safety of the vehicle. This requires personal information from families and as a general policy, we do not allow for staff to drive parent and caregiver vehicles.

Q: Why can’t GLO staff transport siblings?

A: As our liability insurance covers our employees and clients and is a cost to employees that we cannot impose. Siblings who are not receiving services are not covered through our insurance policy. As a general protocol, transportation of siblings to and from activities and home may cause disruption to time of services and behaviors may arise from disrupted routine.   

Q: What is the protocol if there is an accident during services?

A: In the event of an accident staff are instructed to call 911 first. Maintaining the safety of participants and staff is number one priority. Call the office manager to provide all necessary information of incident. Families will be contacted by the administrative team to discuss the accident once all information is collected and we ensure all parties involved are safe. Participants will receive medical attention if suggested by emergency responders. It is not up to the discretion of staff.  Staff must go in the ambulance if participant is injured. A police report must be made for documentation and insurance purposes.

**If the accident is minor and no injuries occur, you must still request a police report and families may be contacted to pick up student/participant**

Q: Can I request my student/participant to be transported individually?

A: Yes, with any behaviors or triggers surrounding transportation, schedules are arranged to set up every person for success as much as can be controlled

Q: Who do I contact if I have a concern about transportation?

A: Your first contact for transportation concerns is Monica Hoffman at requests4glo@gsloinc.com. She will ensure your questions are answered or are transferred to the appropriate party.

Q: Does GLO have car seats or do I have to provide my own

A:  Parents provide individual car seats or booster seats specific to their child’s needs. Each staff is trained to install all 5-point, 3-point and booster seats appropriately prior to transport.

Q: What are the safety requirements for staff who are transporting

A: child locks are to be on at all times, window locks to be used as necessary, staff are not permitted to be on their phone or electronic devices while driving, If calls/texts are necessary, staff are required to pull over in a safe spot to do so, cars are to be clean and odor free,  seatbelts are to be worn at all times and eyes on the road at  all times.

Q: What happens if the person transporting my child is out for the day?

A: GLO will work through schedules to identify a staff who is currently or has previously worked with the student/participant. Parents/caregivers and schools are notified of the change by the head manager of the program he/she is participating.