The Little Learner Program achieves our mission by working closely with families and our multidisciplinary team to build upon each individual’s learning styles and strengths within a preschool setting to prepare for early academic and social success

Little Learners: The Little Learners program is geared toward children ages 3-6 who benefit from additional structure and support in the early years of learning. We provide one-on-one support for each child and focus on developing essential social skills through positive peer interactions, in addition to introducing academic curriculum.  GoldStar implements individualized strategies to accommodate each child’s unique learning style and to ensure each child has a successful transition into a district school.

Behavioral Services: Behavioral services include direct 1:1 implementation of the behavioral support plan under the supervision of a behavioral consultant. This service addresses challenging behaviors that may put the individual’s health and safety, or the safety of others, at risk. This can be implemented in the home, community, or in center. This service can include transportation as long as it is approved in advance. Behavior consultation services are required in tandem with behavior line services to provide training as well as ongoing program maintenance and collaboration with the team.

Breaking Boundaries Alternative Education: Breaking Boundaries is an alternative education option focused on students ages 6-17. This program is for students who need additional supports in order to thrive in their current school placement or who would benefit from developing additional coping strategies so that they can successfully participate in a school setting. Breaking Boundaries focuses on individualized programs that prioritize each student’s goals surrounding functional life skills, independence, social and emotional needs, behavior and vocational skills. We collaborate with school districts to find creative solutions that help foster a bright future for every student.

Community Connector: This service provides the supports necessary for each individual to access his or her community, with an emphasis on social skills and community safety. GoldStar is dedicated to fostering positive interactions with members of our community and encourages community involvement. This service allows for transportation to and from the community.

Respite Care: Respite Care is an in-home or center-based service that maintains the health and safety of a participant while his/her caregiver is away. Respite care is provided within an individual’s home to provide for the needs of the adult receiving services during that time. Transportation of the adult in care is limited and must be approved in advance. GoldStar requests that respite be scheduled as a consistent and ongoing service. GLO will offer unscheduled respite care in emergency situations if appropriate staff is available.

Tutoring: This service provides academic assistance and coaching on school curriculum.

Summer Program

From June-August, our participants age 3-17 will take part in numerous activities across a variety of settings, including water parks, museums, the zoo, and more. Summer program staff integrate behavioral supports while aiming to foster social skills and independence within our participants.

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